06 / 5 / 2015

Veg-Centric: A cooking class

by Rhona Kamar
Radishes with pink and green

With all the confusion over what to eat these days, we can all agree on one thing: vegetables are the heart of any truly healthy diet. Veg-centric is a collection of three cooking classes dedicated completely to the beauty and diversity of vegetables and learning to cook them with ease. In each class, basic techniques will be taught through the medium of vegetable dishes. So each time you leave a class, you will have more … Continue reading

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Majestic Medjool Dates, Stuffed

by Rhona Kamar
Dates, 5 palm trees

Must have been some brilliant god, sensual and loving, who bestowed upon us the Medjool date. Luscious and plump little orbs of tender, honey brown flesh. Caramel incarnate. These precious fruits of a palm tree are otherworldly, obliging us to indulge in them with a sort of reverence reserved for few other fruits on Earth. Only the fig comes to mind. Multiple Biblical and Koranic references as well as fossil records prove their ancient presence, … Continue reading

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Freedom: how do you want to feel?

by Rhona Kamar
butterfly on statue

There‚Äôs so much tension around eating these days, and I wonder if we are all growing tired of it. We are saturated with guilt and confusion and misinformation. We have an abundance of food like substances in our faces all day, and an abundance of experts telling us what we should eat, each in stark contrast to the other. Our food sources are also in the hands of others, mostly big corporations far, far away. … Continue reading

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The elegant Red Kuri squash in a hearty winter green casserole

by Rhona Kamar

My eyes have always passed over those huge displays of assorted pumpkins and squashes in the fall, piled on top of bales of hay at the farmers’ market. They bore me. I have never found them beautiful. But one day, a Red Kuri stood out from the heap. In a world of prickly, bumpy, funky shaped squashes, the Red Kuri is a graceful lady, with elegant curves and smooth skin. Her color is the warmest … Continue reading

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Sweet and Spicy Raw Kale Salad

by Rhona Kamar
IMG_4473 (1)

    This raw kale salad has a lot going on. Texture wise there’s crunch, not just from the fresh raw kale, but from hemp seeds and dried goji berries. That finds balance in the creaminess of the dressing, a puree of super ripe avocado and olive oil. There’s smoke and heat from a couple of teaspoons of adobo sauce in the dressing; admittedly, the only un-raw ingredient in the recipe that could easily be … Continue reading

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Pan-seared Petite Tomatoes

by Rhona Kamar

Looking across the field at the ruby dots suspended amongst tangles of vine, my eyes find inspiration. Especially in the late afternoon when the sun is hitting the field just right, casting a haze on the landscape as I look through my camera lens. I think of cherry tomatoes like most kinds of berries: radiant jewels in the garden. Harvesting them is a treasure hunt. When ripe, they release into your hand with ease. So … Continue reading

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