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A Simple Side Dish of Leeks and Kale

by Rhona Kamar

Tuscan kale enjoys the nickname Dinosaur kale because of the scaly texture of its mature leaves. But really it has the softest texture of any of the varieties; it’s our favorite to grow. Here’s a side dish that plays the sweetness of the leek against the slight bitterness of fresh kale. You could use leftovers in countless ways. Think frittata or quinoa pilaf. TECHNIQUE Cut one leek in half lengthwise and begin slicing each half … Continue reading

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A Chefs’ Take on Green Drinks

by Rhona Kamar

This is the era of the Green Drink. Organic juice bars are everywhere and Vitamix is a household name. This is good. There’s power in these beverages. There’s an addictive high from the nutrient blast, an enduring energy burn from infusing the blood with chlorophyll and other superfoods. The skin begins to glow – at any age. The digestive system gets a break from the heavy lifting, freeing up all kinds of energy for other … Continue reading

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Dreaming of summer gems……

by Rhona Kamar
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