08 / 4 / 2012

Majestic Medjool Dates, Stuffed

by Rhona Kamar
Dates, 5 palm trees

Must have been some brilliant god, sensual and loving, who bestowed upon us the Medjool date. Luscious and plump little orbs of tender, honey brown flesh. Caramel incarnate. These precious fruits of a palm tree are otherworldly, obliging us to indulge in them with a sort of reverence reserved for few other fruits on Earth. Only the fig comes to mind. Multiple Biblical and Koranic references as well as fossil records prove their ancient presence, … Continue reading

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The Four Radiant Jewels

by Rhona Kamar

  Pushing past June beetles and prickly stems, berry picking is done of love, a tedious process. One in the mouth, one for the basket. As it should be. Just like that, no washing. It’s a crime to eat fresh berries any other way but unaffected, straight out of the garden. But should an abundance of summer berries become your windfall, a sorbet is a preparation that will render a juicy, tongue stained pardon from … Continue reading

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Chocolate Raspberry Tartes

by Rhona Kamar
chocolate tartes10

Tartes are sexy. Imagine a restaurant named Tarte where every dish was presented as a precious little round pie with beautiful garnishes on top. The décor would be moody; the food sensual, but cute. These chocolate raspberry tartes are exceptionally sexy, full of ingredients with potentially arousing properties. Raw cacao is the purest form of chocolate, the food of the Gods and can be found on every list of Aphrodisiacs in the world. It has … Continue reading

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