08 / 4 / 2012


by Rhona Kamar


old macdonaldAfter 18 years in the restaurant business, a beautiful evolution took place.  A farm was conceived.  Then nurtured and brought to life.  And the business of selling food took on a whole new meaning.

When your daily work has deep meaning to you, your happiness will expand and everything you do will rise to meet the vision that you have created. Everything you do begins to concede to that vision.

To be involved in every stage of a foods’ life span, from seed to sprout to full grown plant to time for harvest and then on to storage logistics, creative possibilities for its’ use, execution of a dish and finally, to the point, the beautiful yet humble point: to the plate to the table to the customer.  What a pleasure filled journey.

What an honor to be at once facilitate and yet humbly bow to the One who makes the process possible.  What a delight to plant the seed and know that even your greatest efforts are not fully responsible for the result….a thriving plant.  Life, coming out of the ground, urged on by some inadequately defined phenomenon.  Some farmers will say they are only stewards of the land. Yes, that humility is born of the experience of watching the mysterious force behind what makes a harvest possible and knowing, ego set aside, that you ultimately had nothing to do with that success.  Being at the mercy of that truth and still having the courage to step into the process. That is truly heroic nature of the farmer.

greenhouseOne summer afternoon, I sweated and picked a few gallons of blackberries with my mother on her farm, brushing away loud June beetles and pushing through spider webs and the buzz of an occasional honey bee, facing fears long ingrained of little insects.  In that moment, I felt an overwhelming gratitude for all of those people worldwide who daily brave much worse conditions to pick my apples, strawberries, spinach and a hundred other vegetables or products that I so easily pick from the clean cool grocery store shelf.  I felt gratitude for their sacrifice and their sweat as I looked at my stained hands and felt my legs cramping from constant squatting and bending.

And I realized that as Raising Hope Organic Farm evolves and becomes legitimate with full blown crops and the pressure of harvesting Now, Today, that my gratitude would intensify and my connection to these unknown people would solidify and carry me through the heat.

Note: Raising Hope Organic Farm is Louisville’s first certified organic farm and the only restaurant owned farm in the city.  The farm has five hoop houses for year round growing, chickens and goats, fields for summer crops and plans for a community space that will allow others to share in this beautiful piece of land.

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