08 / 14 / 2012

About the Test Kitchen

by Rhona Kamar


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Look here for techniques that will liberate you forever from your slavery to the recipe.  Get to know individual ingredients and how they perform under various circumstances…the path to culinary independence.

Feed yourself.  It is the ultimate freedom to cook for yourself. But it is a skill set that needs to be learned. Give yourself this gift of knowledge.  It’s not so hard. A few basic techniques will set your confidence a roar.  Knowledge leads to confidence.  No need to be lacking in this area.  Feeding yourself, and loved ones too, is such a high.

Be your own chef.  Your own guru.  To experience a profound connection to your most vibrant self, you must first clear all pathways to the door.  Start with food. The food you eat informs more about every aspect of your life than any other singular thing you are giving your precious attention.  When the body is singing with vibrance and strength, the heart is light. A light heart = joy of the Spirit. Choose well what you eat, and be amazed by the changes.


Start the journey. I am here to help you in the one way that I can.  I am here to pass on some of the experience I’ve been blessed to acquire over the years.  A crazy obsession with cooking and an equally crazy fear of being sick merged into a pursuit to develop a repertoire of fun, health giving things to eat.  I love the way I feel when I eat this way.

Vibrant health is not a coincidence.  It is a commitment to the self. It is a worthy pursuit.  The diet we choose is an insurance policy against disease and early decline. And if we do fall ill, the familiarity of health giving foods will comfort and strengthen us as we heal.

Do this for yourself. Experience the energy and strength you get when you choose – at least most of the time – beautiful, insanely fresh and chemical free foods.

Consider the recipes here only as gems of inspiration.  Take what you like and modify to your taste. A recipe is, for the most part, just someone else’s way. This is your show.  Your instincts will increase the more you get in there and do it.  And don’t fret over your mistakes. Somewhere, right now, an amazing chef is cursing, throwing away a batch of burnt bread.


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About the author:
Rhona Bowles Kamar is the chef/owner of Ramsi’s Café on the World, with her husband, Ramsi.  hope farm + test kitchen. com, dedicated to the instruction of cooking with highly nutritious ingredients, is the nexus between her work as a restaurateur/professional cook and her evolving life as a farmer’s wife. Her husband is busy growing Raising Hope Certified Organic Farm, which provides the restaurant with vegetables and eggs from happy chickens.  She has a degree in journalism from the University of Kentucky and recently graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  She has three children, four dogs, 350 chickens, eight goats and five cats.



Radio interview with Charlene Burke, discussing the upcoming Gear Up Louisville event.

WHAS 11 GREAT DAY, Red Kuri and Winter Green Casserole
Live TV demonstration

HerScene: Louisville’s Guide to Style
Co-owner and chef Rhona Kamar has seen positive results in her own life eating “super healthy organic” food, inspiring her to offer special menu items featuring foods from Raising Hope, the organic farm she and her husband run. You can feel both virtuous and decadent with dishes like the Spice Market – a plate redolent of the souks in Marrakech, piled with roasted carrots and fennel with lemon essence and toasted cumin served with Moroccan millet pilaf and Syrian tomato jam.

KET: Louisville Life
Many Louisvillians are familiar with the popular Highlands dining landmark, Ramsi’s Café on the World… But did you know that Ramsi, along with his wife Rhona, also own an organic farm? We recently visited their Raising Hope Organic Farm and learned—not only of its role in their widely favored restaurant—but also the importance the land itself has on their well-being.


Style BluePrint, Faces: Rhona Bowles Kamar
Rhona Bowles Kamar has more jobs than I can count. With her husband Ramsi, she is the chef/owner of Ramsi’s Cafe on the World, and they also own and operate Raising Hope Organic Farm, located in east Jefferson County.  She also is a writer and has three children.

Courier Journal, The First Time
Rhona Kamar, co-owner of Ramsi’s Cafe on the World, also runs Raising Hope Organic Farm in eastern Jefferson County. The past couple of years, she’s been busy learning the ins and outs of farming. Here, she talks about her first time taming two furry, little beasts.

Sizzle Magazine, Beverages Mirror Food Trends
“The idea is, someone not drinking alcohol can still have something coming to the table that’s fun,” says Kamar. “They can still have a sexy experience with garnishes and in the same [kind of] glass as an alcoholic drink.”

Edible Louisville, Ramsi’s Receives Honorable Mention in St-Germaine Contest
Receiving honorable mention was Rhona Kamar, creator of the Pink Siesta Thyme Refresco, at Ramsi’s Café on the World. Rhona says, “‘Refresco’ is Spanish for ‘soda.’ Our refrescos are a take on the Mexican agua frescas, made with fresh fruit juices and herbal or spice elements, served over ice, topped with club soda.

The Daily Meal.com, Garlic Scape Confit Recipe
This garlic scape confit can be drizzled on salads,  or do as I do — put some on your fried egg in the morning. Another option is to toss artichokes and lime zest with this garlicky dressing, or try serving it simply on some crispy bread.

StyleBluePrint: Truly Farm to Table
It seems as though Rhona and Ramsi Kamar are leading a dual life. Farmers out in Fisherville by day, restauranteurs by night at Ramsi’s Cafe on the World in the social epicenter of Louisville, Bardstown Road. But it’s not a dual life, rather, it is a complete arc. And it’s the purist form of arm to table: Grow the food that will sustain you. Feed your people through the soil that you till. It is a natural fit and the Kamars have completely assimilated into their new roles as farmers.

StyleBluePrint: Raw Dinner Party
Recently, I was invited to a raw dinner party hosted by Rhona Kamar, from Ramsi’s Cafe on the World and Raising Hope Farms. Rhona was a FACES of Louisville earlier this year and I wrote an article about Raising Hope Farm, as well. So if Rhona calls and wants to cook for me, I’m in.




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  1. Connie says:

    I do love this page and your writing.

  2. Star says:

    Just have to say, I just connected with your website from BSchool…I love the way you write, you drew me in. I am inspired again. You have a very natural, down-to-earth vibe. And I really like the soft font btw :-) . You have inspired me to stop eating the sugar again which I was doing really well with until I spent 4 months buying a house! Anyway, thank you for the words of wisdom!

    • Rhona Kamar says:

      Dear Star,
      Thanks for your kind comments! The web site is new so I will be adding more content soon. My web designer really encouraged me to go ahead and publish with just a few articles posted. Hope you have a great experience with B-school! I know I am very excited about it!
      Best regards,

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