07 / 9 / 2013

The Four Radiant Jewels

by Rhona Kamar

  Pushing past June beetles and prickly stems, berry picking is done of love, a tedious process. One in the mouth, one for the basket. As it should be. Just like that, no washing. It’s a crime to eat fresh berries any other way but unaffected, straight out of the garden. But should an abundance of summer berries become your windfall, a sorbet is a preparation that will render a juicy, tongue stained pardon from … Continue reading

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A Chocolate Milkshake

by Rhona Kamar

Meet the Chocolate Milkshake of your dreams. With the cherished flavor of chocolate, but unrefined and with fiber and micronutrients. The defining cold and milky feel, but without the fat and hormones of milk. The sweetness, by way of a super ripe banana and raw honey, with their unique mineral contributions. Underneath all of that, the healing power of green leafy things – spinach, spirulina, etc, with not a hint of their inherent grassy flavors. … Continue reading

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Salads: exotic and splurge worthy

by Rhona Kamar

Can a salad get you excited? With beautiful roasted oils like hazelnut and avocado. Small crop lettuces. Spices. Fragrant small batch vinegars. Delicate, shaved vegetables. Got your attention? Good. There are so many ingredients that can take a salad from mainstream.. you know, the usual…to exotic and surprising. Take a break from Romaine. Boycott iceberg forever. Extra virgin olive oil is a darling, but roasted walnut oil is a deeply sensual mistress. And she’s not … Continue reading

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Garlic Scapes

by Rhona Kamar
Garlic Scape - Close up

  They shoot up from garlic plants like a crazy stalk and then fall gracefully into quirky curls, this way and that, heavy from their own weight. And when their curvaceous seed pods burst into flowers, you know the garlic bulbs below the soil are nearly, if not completely, ready for harvest. Garlic scapes taste like garlic.  A crunchier, greener version of garlic.  They can be sautéed or stir-fried or braised in place of or … Continue reading

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A Simple Side Dish of Leeks and Kale

by Rhona Kamar
kale alone

Tuscan kale enjoys the nickname Dinosaur kale because of the scaly texture of its mature leaves. But really it has the softest texture of any of the varieties; it’s our favorite to grow. Here’s a side dish that plays the sweetness of the leek against the slight bitterness of fresh kale. You could use leftovers in countless ways. Think frittata or quinoa pilaf. TECHNIQUE Cut one leek in half lengthwise and begin slicing each half … Continue reading

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A Chefs’ Take on Green Drinks

by Rhona Kamar
Green juice with produce

This is the era of the Green Drink. Organic juice bars are everywhere and Vitamix is a household name. This is good. There’s power in these beverages. There’s an addictive high from the nutrient blast, an enduring energy burn from infusing the blood with chlorophyll and other superfoods. The skin begins to glow – at any age. The digestive system gets a break from the heavy lifting, freeing up all kinds of energy for other … Continue reading

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