03 / 29 / 2013

Dreaming of summer gems……

by Rhona Kamar
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Chocolate Raspberry Tartes

by Rhona Kamar
chocolate tartes10

Tartes are sexy. Imagine a restaurant named Tarte where every dish was presented as a precious little round pie with beautiful garnishes on top. The décor would be moody; the food sensual, but cute. These chocolate raspberry tartes are exceptionally sexy, full of ingredients with potentially arousing properties. Raw cacao is the purest form of chocolate, the food of the Gods and can be found on every list of Aphrodisiacs in the world. It has … Continue reading

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The Mother Sauce: Turning Cashew Cream into a Foundation Sauce

by Rhona Kamar

Cashew cream is God’s gift to vegans. It is the closest we can get to heavy whipping cream, a prized ingredient amongst professional chefs and gourmet cooks. Heavy cream is luscious and versatile, a creamy blank canvas for endless rich culinary expressions. So is cashew cream. Heavy whipping cream is perfect for thickening up a soup or sauce while adding depth to the other seasonings. So is cashew cream. Cashew cream, like heavy whipping cream, … Continue reading

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The Sweetness of Leeks

by Rhona Kamar
Leeks are nicer than all of their onion cousins.

Leeks have a funny name and when they’re full grown, they look like a chubby version of their petite cousin, the green onion.  But leeks are nicer than all of their onion cousins.  They’re mild and sweet and won’t make you cry.

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